To reach the music of Ingram Marhsall, turn left at minimalism, right at electronica and keep going until just before you reach avant-garde. Marshall occupies a one-man lot on the contemporary music landscape. Or maybe it's more accurate to say that he creates his own musical landscapes -- mists, mysterious places that afford moments of strange lucidity.

- Justin Davidson

Like the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, much of the music here has a quality of timeless lament, of inconsolable sorrow. Tenderly human in expression yet superhuman in scale, it seems to contemplate our condition from a very great height. 

- Adam Shatz

As a friend, musician, professor, mushroom-hunting companion, and stylish figure on my living room wall, Ingram and his music are one of my life's constants. His music merges sacred and secular in mysterious ways, following a train of thought into territories entirely on its own.

- Timo Andres