Nèosphères | 2015

"Each work of Ingram Marshall is an immersion in this particular world where the "noise" of the environment become real characters in a subtly developed landscape."

Wondering Sound | April 2014

"This is deeply ambient and evocative music"

The Quietus | April 2014

"Ingram Marshall distills a form of minimalism that eschews the austere formalism of the genre's early landmarks... instead focusing on using the barest of means to conjure music that is deep in atmosphere and emotional potency."

I Care if you Listen | January 2014

"Marshall and Bengston succeed in weaving a narrative of these two abandoned spaces through collaborative sound and photography... virtuosic to say the least."

Q2 Music | March 2012

"Some of Ingram Marshall's earliest recordings are of solo, semi-improvised performances, playing an Indonesian flute and singing falsetto to an accompaniment of prerecorded electronics and live tape delays. They are mesmerizing—thick, swelling, fragrant clouds of music."

Textura | February 2010

"Like all of Marshall's output, the new recording shows him to be a composer of integrity who's never strayed from the highly personalized vision, regardless of the vagaries of public and critical opinion." | May 2007

"Ingram is an assured master of the ambient soundscape. His work often resembles that of Brian Eno with whom he shares a strong structural underpinning for even the most ethereal works. But, unlike Eno, Marshall is more apt to make use of conventional 'classical' instrumentation, albeit in a heavily electronically treated form."

La Folia | December 2001

"Really good electroacoustic music can rearrange sounds in the world around us and transport us to new places. Marshall does this adeptly..."



WQXR | August 2011

Ingram Marshall on Gradual Requiem


American Composers Orchestra | February 2005

Andy Summers, Ben Verdery Collaborate in Ingram Marshall Premiere


Perfect Sound Forever | July 2003

Interview by Daniel Varela


NewMusicBox | July 2001

Ingram Marshall: Today's Music Tomorrow
Frank J. Oteri